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Reply To: Accent Trainer Salary Range ?


hello Shazia, hope you are doing well. May you plz contact me on ? I need to talk to you about the call centres atmosphere, your experience, TIPS and how could one get into it n all….

I would surely have spared the 4.9 pounds from my pocket money and paid to get my email ID posted but they must be asking for credit-card etc that I don’t have one, currently.
I owe the FORUM, much more than the usual pay and wud remember till I am able to pay. I hope, the webmaster is kind enough to consider my request and post the email ID.

I also hope that Shazia is willing too, to help me.
SANURE from UET Lahore.

PS : sorry to SURYA as well for kinda hijacking his/her thread and post an off the topic message, but I felt that this way, I could be answered easily. 🙁