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Reply To: Is Pakistan ready for inbound

Harris Iqbal


Sorry for replying late. I just changed call centers :). So now I am no longer with Voxel.

Well, I also agree with what you wrote. Defintely the government has to take initiative, and by initiative it is not publishing in newspapers that the Call Center industry is growing and booming and will earn lots for Pakistan. By initiative, I mean that the Government should help Call Centers in terms of HR and also BD. India is so way ahead of us, and one of the key reasons in the role the government has played.

Secondly, I think we need to meet on a frequent basis and also jointly apply for bigger opporutnities that are available in the market but are currently not in the range of any one call center, i.e. a 200 seat Tech support contract is something that NO call center in Pakistan can do alone. So I think there should be strategic alliances between call centers and we should collectively hunt for large scale business.

Keep in touch Anwar. It is always nice to hear from you. Best of luck to you and Alt-Source.

– Harris