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Is Pakistan ready for inbound

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    Anwar Kazi

    Inbound campaigns or businesses require a high level of HR Service Matrix, certifications, etc. which could be satisfied by the provider.

    I believe that with the unavailability of ready HR in Pakistan, this is a major challenge.

    We are anticipating a 3 to 6 month training and grooming time frame, to pick available Call Center EXPERIENCED HR from the street and convert them into a decent customer service rep answering high level or category of calls.

    With the bandwidth rates now decreasing, this is going to be our major challenge. I have initiated many programs for my current agents who have been with me for more than a year to get on the management trainee programs, i am feeling a gap though, that is demands of business in the US is growing while supply of READY HR in Pakistan is decreasing and now we have to seriously look at a long and uncertain haul of training people on all aspects of customer service, accent, etc etc.
    Also, very soon we will be entering the phase of HR pulling from each other. This will unnecessarily increase base salary rates and decrease quality.

    Any thoughts???????

    Anwar Kazi

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    attn: anwar kazi

    just to reinforce your thoughts the pulling of HR has already started
    everybody knows of this at-source call centre thats been poaching existing call centre staff from all over khi
    not a very encouraging practice, any suggesions how this practice could be curbed, is there a way to control the stealing of good talents from successful call centre businesses
    HR generalist

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    Well its about time to stop pulling each other’s leg and put hands together, how to improve our skills in this industry which is NEW.

    forum readers is least interested in how much business you are pulling in and more interested in any theory to improve CSR skills in Pakistan. It is like a challenge for our guise to make sales or customer care or Helpdesk because our people are not aware of level of service their client’s aspects from them. We would rather share idea, thoughts then pointing fingers at each other. It is easy to blame but very hard to accept that your company is not good enough to hold on to their employees.

    I feel the same way KHI, ISB is the best place for call center because its easy to find CSR’s in khi and isb then in lhr. People from isb and khi has netural accent which is required for call center. I would like to hear more on ascent training, Complaint handling, Dealing with irate calls and share thoughts with each other. If you think that your training tips is not highly confidential.hahahaha

    Inbound is relatively easy then outbound calls. Outbound is mostly tele-marketing calls; which is challenging in it self and if you have lived in UK or US then you know what I mean.

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    Shabbir Hussain Raju

    HI! First of all let me introduce my self, Iam working as a call center agent in Karachi, Pakistan with Alt-Source.

    I was just reading the articals And now Iam proud to say that Iam working in Altsource because I was reading Anwar Kazi’s Artical You know guys 4 months before when I joined AltSouce as a Agent and a boss like Anwer Kazi, He Worked really hard to make this call center best in Pakistan.

    And Iam sure in coming years AltSource will be the number 1 call center in Pakistan.

    Last Sunday I was reading the local news paper, I found some call centers Advertisment Over There and I was just 🙂 40 thousand a month :).

    Let me Tell You why I really love to work with AltSource because as a Agent:

    I know what my Career path is in 5 years.

    And I know my job is secure,if I work Hard then I will get promoted.

    I know If I have any issue that issue will be resolved with in 24 hours.

    & Lots More…

    Guys What do you think this will make you happy, or 40 thousand month 🙂 you decide!

    And Last but not Least Boss ( Anwer Kazi ) We are with you we will wont leave you even if I read some where that work with us and earn 80 Thousand per Month 🙂

    because I know I will earn More In AltSorce If I Work Hard.

    Shabbir Hussain
    Proud To Say that ” Iam Working in AltSource “

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    aamer sharif

    I truly understand the pain of recruitment of a good CSR. I am a Sr. Manager/Director for a international US based customer service company in US. As we all know attrition is very costly, needless to say loosing experienced CSR to another call center makes you think about rentention initiatives. A few things that I have implemented, and has helped reduced my attrition rate from 10% to about 6% are as folows:
    1. Started an internal incentive program based on call quality, avetage talk time and after call work-you can implement standards pertaining to your project requirements.
    2. Move scheduled tours to accomodate special needs.
    3. Have Friday casual days and food days.
    4. Reward agents for best call, client commendations and announce results to the entire floor.
    5. Employee of the month contest, and reward an employee.
    6. Involve agents in monitoring sessions, and have agents provide feedback.
    7. Make an agent feel at home, have fun with the whole experience.

    I am sure that you must have tried the aforementioned, but a little positive reinforcement assures that you are on the right track.

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    Fahad Khan

    Anwar hope you are fine.

    Those who have inbound business would survive in the longer run. And those who have inbound are making enough money.

    I grew a start up to the second largest inbound contact center in Pakistan, as you know.

    HR might be an issue in Karachi but not in Lahore or Islamabad. The only problem that you face in inbound environment is the absentieesm and tardiness and that again can be taken care of by effect forecasting, planning and scheduling.

    My experience and my thoughts

    See you soon.

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    Anwar Kazi


    Karachi bashing :):) I guess you are now in Karachi also 🙂

    In any case, inbound is the way to go as it is quite apparent for long term financial stability but you cannot beat short term returns of outbound


    #16441 Reply

    Anwar, Are you paying your agents to brag about your center and you being a great boss!!! 🙂 seems like it.
    Great companies are not built on “TALK” but on solid actions which I have seen lacking in most of the centers in Pakistan. There are only four centers in Pakistan who have managed to impress our scope study team. Three of them are in Islamabad. I do not wish to name them but i appreciated what I saw there. Solid processes and strong desire to learn and backing of strong financial institutes.

    Karachi is yet to groom; it is not a matter of city bashing it is just that the outsourcing business is enabled by a peace ful environment and stability..period.

    BTW I work for convergys and I am sure you knwo what is convergys.


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    Anwar Kazi


    1. Personal Attack: No reply on this because I will let the person who wrote the comment reply and answer this himself.

    2. Karachi vs Other cities: why did TRG not go to any other city but karachi after Lahore? “things that make you go hmmmmmm”

    But in all honesty and no jokes, being a Pakistani I am glad that quality business comes to Pakistan. Who cares which city, it brings the whole country to a level and benefits the masses.


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    Fahad Khan


    That was not at all Karachi bashing! and yes you were right it is too difficult for people living in other cities to settle here.

    Your call center facility is kick-ass indeed and your team is briliant however if you just spend one month recruiting people in Lahore or Islamabad you will know the difference.

    I had an idea that HR situation is more stable in Karachi then in anyother city but after a month of experience here, I feel like moving back to Lahore.

    I hope I am not bemusing anyone but that exactly what the reality is.

    Also the “Call Center Bubble” is much bigger in Karachi then in anyother place in Pakistan

    Fahad Khan

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    Anwar Kazi


    Each city has its own nature and culture and Karachi is a “country of its own” :):)

    Lets do lunch, you have my numbers.


    #16445 Reply
    Shabbir Hussain Raju


    If you compare Karachi with any other city, Karachi will be on top, either in talent, or people.

    (And if this is not true) then why TRG which is one of the biggest call center in Pakistan would come here in karachi. Think about it!

    And as my boss said that;

    ” being a Pakistani I am glad that quality business comes to Pakistan. Who cares which city, it brings the whole country to a level and benefits the masses”
    (Anwer Kazi.)

    I guess after reading this, all the agents in Pakistan will agree what A.k(Anwer Kazi) said.

    And Convergys: If you think that A.k is paying us to brag about his center, then why dont you do one thing, just send any Agent ( from anywhere in Pakistan) to Anwer kazi’s center for atleast a month. and after that I am sure that he will going to say this :

    ” Anwer Kazi & his Center is the Best in Pakistan.”

    Because its about the spirt, motivations, Enthusiasm, thats makes you go on the top. And Anwer kazi have all this.

    Hearing from your side soon.

    #16446 Reply


    I think that all the Call centers are doing good for the Pakistanis, as they are generating vacancies, and providing training to those who are capable.

    A.K has a very positive attitude, and i think that someone works with such positivity would succeed.


    #16447 Reply
    Shabbir Hussain Raju


    I Agree with you, you are 100% right!

    And I always says ” A.k. is the best boss in the world 🙂 “

    #16448 Reply
    attn: Shabbir,

    Please grow up. Is this forum supposed to be Anwar Kazi’s fan club ? The whole call center industry in pakistan is not even a blip on outsourcing radar worldwide. So work hard…stay focused…and once againg grow up.


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