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Reply To: Is Pakistan ready for inbound

aamer sharif

I truly understand the pain of recruitment of a good CSR. I am a Sr. Manager/Director for a international US based customer service company in US. As we all know attrition is very costly, needless to say loosing experienced CSR to another call center makes you think about rentention initiatives. A few things that I have implemented, and has helped reduced my attrition rate from 10% to about 6% are as folows:
1. Started an internal incentive program based on call quality, avetage talk time and after call work-you can implement standards pertaining to your project requirements.
2. Move scheduled tours to accomodate special needs.
3. Have Friday casual days and food days.
4. Reward agents for best call, client commendations and announce results to the entire floor.
5. Employee of the month contest, and reward an employee.
6. Involve agents in monitoring sessions, and have agents provide feedback.
7. Make an agent feel at home, have fun with the whole experience.

I am sure that you must have tried the aforementioned, but a little positive reinforcement assures that you are on the right track.