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Reply To: Establish Call Center in Vietnam

James Stuart

Hello Andy,

Yes, a feasibility study would be extremely important in cases such as this.

There are various techniques used to establish the business need and the return on investment both in the short and the long term. This includes:

looking at the products or services sold,

how acceptable will they be to the general market,

the telephony system and penetration within the target country,

the cost to the customers,

the set up costs and technology available for the potential call centre,

the availability of the workforce,

any government or social restrictions.

Call centre set up costs can easily spiral out of control if a proper strategic plan is not established in the first instance. I’ve seen companies lose huge sums of money because of this.

However, the potential profits and impact on the local and regional economies can also be significantly positive if it is all carried out properly.

Good luck with your venture.