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Reply To: Pakistan-destination for call centers

Aksam Zaheer

Hi Saeed,
I think the main thing to bring business in Pakistan is to establish a confidence into the minds of clients accross the globe. They should be comfortable about the privacy and security of their information. Similarly they should be comfortable with the quality of service provided through VoIP. Things like break down in internet services can shake the confidence of your client. As long as your basic infrastructure provided to you by the authorities is not working, no association will help to bring business in pakistan.

One more thing which can shake the confidence of any potential client!! The news section on your company’s website do not work when some body clicks on it. it gives an error message:) . please do not take it negative. As i myself am working as an IT manager in a US based company in Islamabad, i know the importance of getting notice of such errors before any client notices it.