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Reply To: Call center associations

Yousaf Khan

Voice quality and busy lines can be addressed by using different solutions. The best and most affordable is to use VoIP with at least 24 Kbps/agent, but some solutions also offer lower bandwidth consuming products like 16 Kbps and 8 Kbps. Since the bandwidth costs in Pakistan are extremely high, for the best quality I would recommend sticking to 24 Kbps/agent when planning your costs. You can put about 30 agents on a T1, costing you about USD 90/agent/month.

If you go for an IP Phone system (like Vonage or Superphone or Outbox), it consumes about 30 Kbps and will cost you around USD 100/agent/month for bandwidth.

If you use VoIP and redundant bandwidth, you can provide uptimes of 98-99.5%. If you need more assistance I’d be glad to help.