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Reply To: Call Center In Pakistan

Ch. Naveed Zafar

Dear All & specially Mr. Rehan,

My dear This is a forum to build a confidence for pakistan Call center arena and not to demoralise people. Please for God sake don’t make these type of comments again from which you may be indirectly effect the upcomming biz in pakistan. Its my humble Request to you.
Plus we are also running 2 call centers in Lahore and are enjoying the work. and Also our clients are happy from us. So this is wrong that you should do all biz on cash. bxoz good and bad people are always there at all places. Infact the Ratio of Credit card scams is the most in INDIA, INDONESIA, PHILIPINES etc.
As far as Pakistan is concerned most of our people don’t have enough time to do these type of fraudulent cases as they can hardly fulfill there daily needs. And also they are much consious about being World’s No. 1 NATION in Information Technology Field.

Hope to hear from all my other country Men about this comment I’ve passed. GOOD LUCK and have a nice time.
Best Regards,
Ch. Naveed Zafar.