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Reply To: Call Center In Pakistan

Fayyazuddin Ali

Call centers in Pakistan are changing the whole picture. I am a university student in Florida. My fiancee’ just got a call rep job at an 8 seat Karachi Call Center making twice the amount of money she would normally get there. Less than salary expected in USA but excellent for Pakistan. The owner of the call center says he was inspired to do it after attending a Call Center seminar in January 2003 supervised by an American woman named Slay. His center started with just 2 seats and used 2 IP phones that had some feature where US callers called any of 8 USA gateway phone numbers and it rang at the call center. Now, they are using the Cisco ATA’s under the same Florida vendor. Change… two years ago, my parents wanted me to be a software engineer, but now they agree that a combination of marketing and systems science are what I need because I am also going to get into the call center business. Even if I have to start from scratch like my fiancee’s boss. It is great that there are ways for anyone with good work ethic, research skills, and networking skills can have this opportunity. Two years my parents would have laughed at me if I asked their blessing to pursue this.