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Reply To: Call Center In Pakistan

Suzanne Lombard

Hello. Yes, it is very exciting to see all the information here about call centers in Pakistan. People do need to “network” and share best practices. And as you say, I am confident enough to be able to state my full name and not hide under something different. Oratel, Super Phone, Family Phone, and more are excellent products, each with different awesome features. I think it best if we do not bash the products. The idea is to help Pakistan call centers and more. I have written books and conducted over 20 seminars and won awards for the services our company provides. I am not bragging, but stating facts here. My company is totally dedicated to bringing people together in every way possible. I totally support any of you out there selling, using, supporting VoIP in any format to assist call center proliferation in Pakistan. Many people worldwide know me and my company, and that we serve over 25,000 happy customers and more every day. I do wish and pray the best in success for each of you reading this forum. Spread the word… that Pakistan is the choice for call center outsourcing of any campaign imaginable.