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Reply To: Call Center In Pakistan

Suzanne Lombard

I am an executive in a major US wireless company in Maryland and very interested in setting up a call center to provide services to telecom companies in us. I am planning to open it in Islamabad in near future. I have few questions, I would appreciate anyone assistance on those.
Dear Ahsan, I think Saeed Qadri did a good job answering your questions. I’d like to add a little more. The Super Phone that is mentioned has been successfully integrated with predictive dialers and CRM/DB. Some of its clients are taking advantage of call-recording options and some other interesting add-ons. My background is 24 years in training, mentoring and managing call centers and telecommunication operations. I’ve written two editions of a very simple and user-friendly book on starting call centers and have conducted worldwide seminars on the same topic. Thanks!

3- If I need to transfer larger file of 8-10 meg. on frequent basis for processing, what type of solution is available in Islamabad. Who should I contact?