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Reply To: Need of Inbound call center


I like the idea of going with European centers, but just need to know the details and procedure for moving forward with our program. Our product sells for $54.95 and we want the ability to upsell to either products you may suggest or we come accross which fit well with our client base and have profit potential. Our speciality is having a unique and high demand product and making the phone ring. We need a partner that can have the phone answered and have sales people close the person calling. By doing this on a commission basis, it assures us of proper management of the call center and no padding of the call volume. We are paying for the calls to your destination, you would supply the commissioned sales people and make the spread from what we pay you per close and what you pay out in commissions. We have several ways in which we can take payment and capture the customers money, while providing a call to action incentive.

So, my question to you is can you work with these perameters and do you have a talented sales staff of call center reps?