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Reply To: outsourcing cost model

Amritraj Peshin


A slightly late response to your posting 🙂

If you give assured minimum period contracts you will be able to negotiate very good rates for call centers in India

If you process three million calls a year and assuming standard flows through the year single shift operation and 365 days operation you are looking at 1027 calls per hour ( a rough back of the palm calculation )

You should have your own center, which will cost you between USD 6 -10 k per seat and then you are
on your way to recover costs within 6 – 8 months. That is assuming you move all your business to India.

A good way to start would be to do a pilot with a couple of centers and then work with a minimum assured business that will allow you to negotiate good costs

You could later move into setting up or even buyng a Call center in India

If you are into outbound for sales then you really will have to work on a minimum fixed cost + incentive per converted lead kind of system

If you need further help please publish your mail id and will be glad to advise further or you can check out the consultants on this forum and they should bea ble to help you

Hope this helps