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Reply To: Starting A Call Center in Karachi, PK

Kam Patel

Hi Khizer Inayat:

I would be pleased to help out to offer business for ” One Seat Call Center”, please let me know the detailis of this superbly bold initiative by the person.

Our e mail address is stated above please write back and we will immediately send you a CALL CENTER PROFILE FORM and on understanding what they are capable of doing, we shall defintely help by offering a calling campaign. But definitely beleive it would be costly for that gentleman, as taking an IPLC line for one seat and a predictive dailers would obviously be very very costly, except someone does it for fancy and for the heck of doing it only.

Anyway, our pleasure would be in setting up a good example, please e mail us and we shall co-operate to the best possible.

Meanwhile, please note we honor people’s time and they should honor our time as well and come to accept the reality that ONE SEAT CALL CENTER is not a viable proposition and good SENSIBLE CLIENT / CUSTOMER would NOT be interested except on the basis that they will not take any risk of any support, IF YOU GIVE THEM BUSINESS THEY WILL BE HAPPY WITH THE WORK THAT THEY WOULD ASSIGN TO THE “ONE SEAT CALL CENTER”.

Please e mail back, meanwhile we appreciate your querry, though it does not reflects the general progressive mentality of Pakistan, as obviously people would like to establish atleast 15 or 25 or 50 plus seater call centers.


Kam Patel