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Reply To: certiffied voice and accent training

rachna singh

It is not necessary that you get selected in your first or second interview,people often give many interviews before getting selected.

You should not let this experience go waste,learn from it.
Pay attention to the kind of questions asked and answer accordingly.

for e.g -you are asked to speak about yourself.
Just ur name and educational qualification wont suffice.You should include other things as well in your introduction depending on whether you are a fresher or not.Like – ur qualities ur hobbies ur work ex.(if any) and relate them to the job’srequirement.

If you listen carefully everybody will have almost the same thing to say the diffrence lies in the way one presents it.
Remember you are there to sell your skills,you have to market them the best possible manner.

In my opioion keep giving interviews,if not selected ask for the reason/s and improve upon it.

For prounciation errors write down the words you make mistakes with and listen to the correct prounciation. Take one word at a time.