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Reply To: Quality Certification??



I agree with you. The fact that you have merged ISO with COPC just proves my point regarding the ineffectiveness of ISO as a standalone quality ‘mark.’

The reason that I am so critical of ISO is that I have worked in a consultancy which does ISO/COPC/SixSigma; and hence know for a fact that an ISO ‘mark’ can be purchased.

You are right, its all about deciding whether you need a QMS as an means to internatising quality; or something you want as a BD tool.

Its also right that “ISO 9001:2000 is one of the best generic standard at this point of time”….Its also is generic nature which makes it nothing more than a documentation-intensive standard. You can make 50% defective goods, and if you say (in your manual) that you make 50% defective goods…guess what…you are ISO certified.

Give me a committed management team anyday.