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Quality Certification??

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    We are mid size call centre company and have more than 400 agents.We are planning to get our quality certification by 2003 and we are getting mixed signals about the type of certification we should get. Could someone let us know as to which quality certification is the best for a call centre company( six sigma, COPC, ISO…??). Also as to which one is cost effective.

    Thanks in advance

    Ajai Bhatnagar

    Hi Karthic,
    There are all generic certifications and not specific to Call centers.
    Six sigma is not acertification its a practice of benchmarking and improvement.
    ISO is a certification and its for all any industry.
    COPC is a certification and applies to ANY service industry.
    The only call center certification is offered by a US company STI Knowledge and is called CORE-2000.
    You can search their sites to know more.


    There is one specific to call centres, Call Centre Standard for Best Practice given by the Call Centre Association. Although it is very new, British Standards Institution, Consumers Association, IIP and UK Accreditation Service are all in support. For more information have a look at the CCA website.


    Thanks for the information and insight. I shall look into the website.

    Himanshu Verma

    Recently there was an article in Silicon India in which
    Prakash Gurbaxani, CEO of Trans Works, was invited to join the standards committee of the Customer Operations Performance Center (COPC).
    This is the only Call center which is COPC certified.


    Hi Himanshu,
    There are six call centers in India which are COPC certified.
    However, Transworks is the only one in world to be certified on ver. 3.2


    I’m working as internal auditor of a services company which is ISO 9001:2000 certifed ..I want to know more about six sigma and any training centre’s are available in chennai..
    Thanks is advance

    Rajendra Khare

    Certification provided by any of these standards are on a process management platform. All process have a fundamental measurment criteria largely covered by accuracy, productivity and turnaround time. Process is successful if it delivers what it requires to be delivered. If one comes out with an open mind, it is possible to build up a very specific quality management system on ISO 9000 Platform. It depends on what your customer wants or what you want from certification.


    We ar inprocess of working towards COPC certification. If any one can help me out with same

    regards, mail me at

    Vishal Dixit

    Hi kartik for your call centre u can go for COPC certification its best..can be done by QAI and might be by KPMG, i’m sure of QAI..they also help in training and all for the same..


    Hi Karthic,

    my suggestion to you would be, have a base standard in ISO 9000 and incorporate best practices from Six Sigma to improve your performance. COPC though is a very costly model…




    I want to know more about COPC certification. I am working for a contact center in Mumbai.

    Titu John

    There seems to be lot of confusion in the minds of lot of people ie ..which certification they should go for , it is always better for an organization to get there foundations on quality well set before going in for mature processes like Six Sigma ,COPC , TS / TL-9000, TQM etc .. Certifications ……it is always better to have a good documented processes and systems layed down.
    So once your quality platform is layed firm U look up for vertical Quality initatives as mentioned above …………


    With regards to CC quality certification –

    COPC is good, it was developed with the Malcolm Baldridge Quality Award as a base; but tweaked keeping in mind customer facing (read CC) organisations. (However, it is extremely simplistic and has the documentation elements of an ISO)

    Six Sigma is not a quality certification per-se; more of a quality standard —- extremely powerful when used in conjunction with a strong management team. (Go on the net and read about the following companies —- GE, Motorola and Allied Signals)

    ISO — the template can be bought for 3-4 lakhs; its just a symbol you put on your letterhead.

    CORE/CCS/Help Desk Certification et al are too insignificant to even consider.

    However, dont believe the consultants who say that COPC / 6Sigma will get you business, because it wont. Plus, think about it this way —- no body can stop you from implementing COPC/6Sigma —- you dont need to be certified to improve people and processes.

    Running is good for health, u dont need to pay for a marathon —- just run! (Bad example, but proves my point!)

    Raj Mahadaw – South Africa

    Hi Guys/Gals, I want to know if there is an international qualification done by any institute for call centre management and operations.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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