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Reply To: Costs and Setup of a call center


Hey Sumit!

Typical costs for a 100 seater:

1. Predictive dialers (cost upto a max of 2000$/seat)(this includes Automated Call Distribution, Interactive Voice Response and also CTI if I’m not mistaken)

2.Multi Service switches

3. PCs(Rs.25000/seat)

4. Leased line(initial deposit 5-10 lakhs and monthly 35 lakhs for 1MB and 45 lakhs for 2 MB. 2MB is generally sufficient for 150 seats.For smaller size operations 1MB should be more than enough.)

5.Cubicles etc (about 15000/seat)

6.Redundant connectivity (VSAT Link 1MB about 55lakhs/year)

Thats about all I can think of except of course cost of premises which varies drastically from place to place.Personnel should cost you upwards of 8000 per agent apart from supervisor salaries and administration overheads. Dont even think of 10-15 seaters and look for inbound business.Telemarketing is slightly tricky.Look for inbound or outbound business that pays you at least 10$/hr/seat. The effort is not worth it otherwise. Ideally the minimum you look for is a 50 seater operation. Feel fre to ask if u need any more info.