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Costs and Setup of a call center

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    Hi, I own a software company in Baroda, Gujarat and am also involved in other IT services such as Data Transcription. Now, I want to set-up a call center in Baroda which will deal in telemarketing mainly. What will be the cost breakup like and what are the necessary ardware and software that i would have to purchase. The setup that i have thought of is a ten to fifteen seater one. Also what type of people will i need and also how is the scope in the future

    Manoj Kumar Matai

    Hello Sumit,

    NASSCOM-McKinsey Report 2002 estimates IT Enabled Services (ITES) market which includes activities like Call centers & back-office processing operations in India to be a US $18 Billion industry by 2008. This is in upward revision to the earlier NASSCOM report report on this sector couple of years back.

    The sector has seen amazing growth and proliferation in number of call center facilities set-up over last 2 years.

    Most important factor responsible for succes of such an operation and specially a telemarketing center is people. Since most telemarketing contracts are success based payouts, you need people who can convince & close a sale over phone. This is a volumes driven busines and 10-15 seats is not an economically viable option for long run. You nede atleast 50-60 seats to break-even in 12-18 months.

    Hardware and software vary with applications that you will be servicing and can wither be bought or rented (through an ASP option, very popular in Europe now).

    Do write in in case you need any more info.

    Cheers, Manoj Matai.


    Hey Sumit!

    Typical costs for a 100 seater:

    1. Predictive dialers (cost upto a max of 2000$/seat)(this includes Automated Call Distribution, Interactive Voice Response and also CTI if I’m not mistaken)

    2.Multi Service switches

    3. PCs(Rs.25000/seat)

    4. Leased line(initial deposit 5-10 lakhs and monthly 35 lakhs for 1MB and 45 lakhs for 2 MB. 2MB is generally sufficient for 150 seats.For smaller size operations 1MB should be more than enough.)

    5.Cubicles etc (about 15000/seat)

    6.Redundant connectivity (VSAT Link 1MB about 55lakhs/year)

    Thats about all I can think of except of course cost of premises which varies drastically from place to place.Personnel should cost you upwards of 8000 per agent apart from supervisor salaries and administration overheads. Dont even think of 10-15 seaters and look for inbound business.Telemarketing is slightly tricky.Look for inbound or outbound business that pays you at least 10$/hr/seat. The effort is not worth it otherwise. Ideally the minimum you look for is a 50 seater operation. Feel fre to ask if u need any more info.


    Thanks a lot, are there any books or papers that i can refer to, to get my hands on the details of the workings of this business. Thanx. and there any companies which outsource these contracts


    Please also add the cost of CTI software and Bandwidth Management tools.

    Amitav Bahinipati

    Hi Swechcha,
    Is it necessary to start a call centre with such a big volume? Cant I have a call centre with a lesser capacity say 10-15 seater?

    Also please let me know, what prospect do you realize in setting up a call centre in Bhubaneswar (Orissa) or in Calcutta?

    Moreover, if I want to set-up a call centre with the minimest capacity (say 5-10 seater), then what services should I vouch for?

    Please guide me up…
    Thanks and Regards,

    jitendra singhal

    Hi! i own a cyber cafe with six terminals and access internet through v-sat.i am thinking of getting into bussiness of medical trrnscription or call center or any other bussiness related to internet with the minimum investment.


    Just wanted to ask swechcha if its possible to setup a call centre in Hastinapuri, sainikpuri, OR IN kAMPALA UGANDA.REALLY

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