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Reply To: T1 costs

Manoj Kumar Matai

Saurabh, regarding your message above..

Only VSNL offers IPLCs in India right now. Subscriber needs to buy other side ‘half circuit’ since VSNL provides half circuit only. This is normally called a ‘bearer arrangement’, very common in telco world. There are many network providers like AT&T, MCI, C&W etc which provide other side half circuit depending upon where you are connecting into.

With opening up of ILD sector in India, all private ILDOs can also provide IPLCs (half or full circuits). Companies like Bharti, Reliance and Data Access are amongst few that are going to be in this sector.

Retgarding E1 and T1 issue. If a busines requires a T1 only, then one can buy a T1 in India too. VSNL will supply an E1 and the other half circuit provider will supply a T1. Anyways, when you buy a so called end to end E1, US side network spplier clubs (inverse muxes) 2 T1s together to form an E1.

Regarding price. Pricing of VSNL end (let’s call it India half circuit) is available on VSNL web site. Pricing from other network suppliers is very dynamic/negotiable and not a list based pricing.

Hope this answers few questions. More? Write again.

Cheers, Manoj