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T1 costs

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    What are people paying for a point-to-point T1 IP connection to the US?


    hi santanu,
    T1(1.54 meg)line is not available in india instead E1(2.048 Meg) line is provided solely by vsnl.


    Thanks Mahesh. What are they charging for an E1 per month on a long-term engagement?


    Mahesh is right in the sense that in India, we work on the UK terminologies of E1’s and not on T1’s. But he is wrong in mentioning that only VSNL offers the E1’s.

    In fact Gateway Systems, is offering E1 connectivity to US and some countries in Europe, including end to end management as well as Last Mile guarantees.

    Saurabh Vartikar


    Hi Shatanu,

    E1 line is charged approx US$ 56000 per annum every year you have to renew it.

    Above rates are fof Bombay

    Vishal Jhamb

    The cost of US Telephoney is 2.3 Cents Per Minute within the RBOC USA. The cost of Calling to UK and Europe is 3.5 Cents per minute. Safely if you can offer minimum billig committment to the carrier in USA then the rates are on sliding scale. The cost of PSTN ( US End ) fro CO-Lo hovers between 1.4 – 1.7 Dollars per Hour Per Agent. I hope you have understood the Calculations. Need more info, write again


    Hi All,

    We have one of our client visiting us next month to set up a call centre with us. We being Software house have minimal knowledge info on the same.

    Is there anyone who could assist us on the same. We are also looking at outsourcing the job to quality organisations.

    Palani Balasundaram

    Dear Raghu,
    I can definitely assist you in your work towards settingup of call centers.
    can i have your contact details?


    Hello Raghu,
    Its ok that you have client in hand. But have you planned properly? What type / size /location of call center are you looking to start with?
    For selection of site of call center , you have to have good:
    1- Communication line
    2- Easy availibility of really GOOD agents
    3- Uninterrupted power supply


    Manoj Kumar Matai

    Saurabh, regarding your message above..

    Only VSNL offers IPLCs in India right now. Subscriber needs to buy other side ‘half circuit’ since VSNL provides half circuit only. This is normally called a ‘bearer arrangement’, very common in telco world. There are many network providers like AT&T, MCI, C&W etc which provide other side half circuit depending upon where you are connecting into.

    With opening up of ILD sector in India, all private ILDOs can also provide IPLCs (half or full circuits). Companies like Bharti, Reliance and Data Access are amongst few that are going to be in this sector.

    Retgarding E1 and T1 issue. If a busines requires a T1 only, then one can buy a T1 in India too. VSNL will supply an E1 and the other half circuit provider will supply a T1. Anyways, when you buy a so called end to end E1, US side network spplier clubs (inverse muxes) 2 T1s together to form an E1.

    Regarding price. Pricing of VSNL end (let’s call it India half circuit) is available on VSNL web site. Pricing from other network suppliers is very dynamic/negotiable and not a list based pricing.

    Hope this answers few questions. More? Write again.

    Cheers, Manoj

    Hi all

    Is T1 lines on submarine cable between point to point or via satelite ?
    what is delay ? How many hopes it will reach ( i suppose only 1 hope)
    can we use as a Voip traffic ?
    why in India, voip is not common to public?
    as per vishal , if cost is hardly 2 cents then what is hurdle to use commonly?
    which is best 1 port gateway / or IP telephone which gives good QoS & reasonably priced.


    Palani Balasundaram

    Hello Intellectuals,
    Certain private players and government agencies are trying the submarine cable, example Bharathi Singtel Venture is a submarine cable venture from Singapore the landing point being chennai, but see the security clearance is being waited. I am not sure of the players trying the Satellite OPtion. Again in India we have lot of procedures and it is only now the Telecom rules are getting relaxed, VOIP is just getting familiar, it wud take some more time.
    regarding IPTelephone please do check out Thomson IP Telephone or the Phones provided by Caltiger.
    i might not have answered to all the queries, but i have given just my knowledge on this area.

    Manoj Matai

    Intellectuals, I didn’t understand your querry. I have attempted to answer here from what I assume your question is. Correct me if I am wrong…

    IPLC Bandwidth is available on both Submarine (both trans-atlantic and trans-pacific) cables as well as single-hop sattelite connection.

    VOIP – Voice over internet protocol in strict terms (close user group) has never been “illegal”. This basically means that one could (normally for corporate connectivity) configure private leased circuits (domestic or intrenational) as IP and run voice on these circuits apart from data. This was normally point-to-point.

    Taing call center ermission one could connect to public voice network on remote side, but then there was no real commercial advantage of this type of networing since IP is known to consume more bandwidth while prividing lower quality.

    Using VoIP to send and receive voice calls over the internet has been made “legal” now and call centers can tie up with ISPs to send and receive voice traffic over their WWW bandwidth.While voice quality and latency are still grey (and concern) areas, telecom cost makes the operation extremely profitable.

    Regarding IP phones, from the call center perspective one dosen’t need ANY ip phones to do this. All you need is an IP switch in from of the ACD. There are many of these around.

    There’s a better option too. Just convert IP voice to TDM at your end of the MUX/router using any standard converter (approx $600-700) and feed to your standard ACD/PBX ! Works very well, have tried it myself.

    Cheers, Manoj


    Hi manoj matai,

    Actually i`m working in a call center but i don`t know about IPLC so can you please write in detail about how IPLC works and what is T1 and E1 lines?


    I am planning to source IPLC from Bharti who promise ‘ened to end’ delivery.Is it worthwhile?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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