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Reply To: Training institutes

sachin bansal

Hi all,

would say the same as what i said one year back in this forum

i am sharing the info i recieved from a friend of mine running an exclusive call center training institute

When you think of opening a training institute, you will find list of institutes and organisations running to you to help you out !!! but are you looking only for this …just OPENING ??? or look forward to do business with it or providing something that will give you an edge in the training concept of call centers … Are you looking for running a course with standard set of modules like, voice and accent, customer service, etc or something related to practical results… something that rocks the call center targets … ..

All the time we look for the information about the technology, infrastructure, the amount of investment required for operating a training setup… but do we ever think about what will make it run… make it grow and prosper.. if you realy have a burinig desire to setup a call center training and making it prosper…. one of the best place to guide you to be successful is upzeon. they are one of the few people on the world which run training based on dedicated research in the latest technology with applications in NLP in sales.. , you can search for their info from google … with upzeon or nlp call center training india……

best of luck for your new venture