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Reply To: Training institutes


Following will be the three things in a training I will be interested in. Please let me know if there is some company who is providing it in India.

1) their mother tounge influence in speaking English.
2) again accent training based on the market to which he is calling.(American Accent or a British Accent) So the client will understand with clarity, and will feel home.
3) Manners in speaking based on the country you are speaking to (cultural). Generally remove the typical indian rudeness in spoken english

I have heard there is an institute in hyderabad in Banjara Hills who is specializing in the first one( Mother tounge neutralization). Does any one knows their contact details. Please send me any details if you know.

Enterpreneurs, this is a real niche area if there is the right team available.

I dont believe it is possible to copy a course content and teach others. This could be mostly a personalized coaching over phone or face to face based on a person’s current expertise in handling English language.