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Reply To: Setting up a Call Centre in India


I am trying to set-up a small tech support center in Calcutta on a 24 x 7 basis. Basically 2 shifts w/ 3 each and one shift w/ 2. I have a few queries:

One VoIP box which receives calls in in US
One VoIP box where calls are transmitetd to. in Calcutta.

What does one VoIP switch cost in Calcutta?

What are the internet connectivity options?

I understand that an E-1 line about 2.04 MbPS is there and an ISDN is there for 128KBPs. What are their costs?

128 KBPs might be too light and E-1 might too expensive for 3 concurrent users. Are there any intermediate options like a partial E-1? How do small players handle this?

Does anyone have surplus capacity with a E-1 VoIP box in Calcutta that they would like to share for a fee every month which would receive my calls from US and carry it to my local phones in Cal. Coneversely, my
people in Cal would dial the local numbers to that VoIP switch to call back.

Are there people in Cal who can help me set-up this small tech support center?