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Reply To: ACD & IVR

Palani Balasundaram

Hello Amruth,
Hope the following lines would help you,
ACD (Automatic Call Distributor)
ACD’s Distribute calls to agents as they are received. The calls may be distributed in various ways to optimize usage of the call center resources and allow the best possible agent to service the customers call.
The main parameters used for routing are:
• Agent Skill based routing
• Agent Idleness Based Routing
• Network Directed Routing (Using Calling Line Identification / Dialed Number Information Service )
• Time Based Parameters
About Interactive Voice Response:
It provides information to a customer by turning the keypad of a telephone into a keyboard. As a result, many standard queries formerly answered by an agent can be handled by an IVR, freeing agents for more complex, value-added work. It also gives customers a self-service option, speeding up the transaction for the customer.This system is designed to answer simple queries which are quite general.To understand IVR on a simple terms, Most of the International Banks use this technology to serve their customers or when u need to check YOur Train Timings IVR technology is one which helps to know the details.