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Reply To: Opening Call centre Franchisee

Sanjeev Kumar

We are planning to start a call center in Chandigarh/Panchkula(India)

Also provide me with specific information for a minimum of 25 seats operation

a) Per seat/Per day rental cost
b) expected wage requirements for
Floor managers, Floor supervisors/Team leaders, Customer service agent with 6 months exp.
Customer service agent with no work experience, but trained by professional institution

other information required are:
1. security deposit if any, for a lease/rental call centre property
2. time required for hiring/placing qualified personnel
3. Names & addresses of training institutions who offer 100% placement of their students and are well respected in the industry
4. Govt. regulations, if any, applicable to the call center business industry including tax benefits for such business
5. Fiscal policy for American owned co., operating in India. Is it possible to operate as a branch or do we have to register ourselves as an Indian subsidiary of the American firm
6. Approx. cost of networking (25 seats) including all equipment such as servers, terminals, tel. lines, etc…in an empty building if we choose to go that route
7. Approx. area per cubicle in square mts/ft, necessary for a Customer Service Representative to operate
8. With min. administrative staff, what is the area, in sq.mts/ft. required for a 25 seat call center
9. Will the govt. allow us to operate a smal call center from a residential property

Thanks & hoping for a positive reply from u or others