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Reply To: IPLC capacity

Vishal Jhamb

IPLC Calculation is very simple, If you are using Mux for compression of 1:8, Thus You can safely use 48-60 Agents on a 512 KB Line. You need 128 Kb for Data for the VNC connection if the dialer is at US end, Thus 512 works edge to edge for 48 Agents. and the multiplier works at all capacities barring 128 KB for Data link. Also if you are using Citrix ( Winframe or Metaframe ) then the compression with Citrix for agent pop increases to 12-13 KB, thus the best is to put not more than 36 Agents on 512 KB to work on the edge, still keeping 64 Kb for Data link.
Vishal Jhamb