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IPLC capacity

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    Lokesh Patel

    Dear Sir,

    Can anybody guide, how to calculate for the capacity requirements of IPLC.

    i.e. When one should go for 512 kbps, 1 Mbps OR 2 Mbps.



    lokesh wrote:
    Dear Mr. Sanjay,

    Thanks for your co-operation.

    Following the the kind of setup plan.

    – To handle 10000 calls a day of order processing
    for UK based customer.
    – Already applied for IPLC.
    – Plan to setup 72 seat call centre in Ahmedabad.
    – Voice & Data facilities only.

    Query :

    1. How to calculate capacity of IPLC.
    2. What type of Muxes should we go for ?

    It would be of great help if you reply our query.


    Lokesh Patel

    For, URL Software Pvt. Ltd.


    Reply to your queries :

    1. U r saying that u have already applied for the IPLC , as such u must have taken the IPLC of a specific bandwidth!!!!!???????

    If u have to handle 10k calls in a day then go for 2Mbps.

    2. As far as the MUXES go , u can go for PASSPORT ,IGX or New Bridge.If cost is not a constraint , the best option would be PASSPORT.


    Lokesh Patel


    Yes we had taken IPLC of 512 kbps & we can upgrade upto 2 Mbps.

    What I need is, How many calls we can handle in 512 kbps.


    Lokesh Patel


    I want to know how call centre use my company. i am the employee of the india’s mega large cements manufacturing company.


    i am a trainer in one call center in ahmedabad.
    i wanted to know about the future of the CRM industry?
    i wanted to know about the maximum salary expectation?
    i wanted to know about the other options whaich i can use to become a welknown person in CRM industry?

    Vishal Jhamb

    IPLC Calculation is very simple, If you are using Mux for compression of 1:8, Thus You can safely use 48-60 Agents on a 512 KB Line. You need 128 Kb for Data for the VNC connection if the dialer is at US end, Thus 512 works edge to edge for 48 Agents. and the multiplier works at all capacities barring 128 KB for Data link. Also if you are using Citrix ( Winframe or Metaframe ) then the compression with Citrix for agent pop increases to 12-13 KB, thus the best is to put not more than 36 Agents on 512 KB to work on the edge, still keeping 64 Kb for Data link.
    Vishal Jhamb

    Manoj Kumar Matai


    Regarding voice call bandwidth usage post compresion –

    All voice codecs like G 728, 729, 729A etc and compresion algorithms like CS ACELP use call state analysis to compress (and de compress) voice calls. Simply put, the software analysis the state of call before “truncating” useless and/or repetitive part of it before reconstructing the call at the other end.

    Its important to note here that this logic works only when the call is active i.e. a human voice on both sides. Before a call has actually matured, i.e. while dtmf is being sent, silence, ringing etc, the compression algorithm dosen’t work to the fullest and compresses only a part of the bandwidth usage. This is normally between 13-14 kbps in G.729A CS ACELP. The bandwidth “dies” down to 8 (or 6.4 KBPS in some modes) after some milli seconds post ative connection.

    Hence while doing BW calculation in IPLC + compression scenarios one needs to take about 2 odd % over and above standard calculations.

    I hope that answers few questions. More? Write again!

    Atul Bakshi

    Wow, But very technical. Kindly explain in layman’s terms forr everyone’s benefit

    Manoj Matai

    Atul, see the last line. Use 2% over and above standard calculations to figure out your call center’s BW requirement. With BW prices falling steadily that shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but then in a price over-sensitive mafrket line ITES one needs to cut every corner!

    Cheers, Manoj

    kaushal shah

    i did not get the answer from you people.
    my questions are….
    i am a trainer in one call center in ahmedabad.
    i wanted to know about the future of the CRM industry?
    i wanted to know about the maximum salary expectation?
    i wanted to know about the other options whaich i can use to become a welknown person in CRM industry?


    hello kaushal,
    Your ambition is high (keep it up).
    -CRM industry will grow in one or other form .
    -max salary & “NAME in industry” both depends on your afforts and devotion.
    tip is stick to one part of CRM and hon your skills in it.instead of trying to become jack of all
    as you mentioned you are trainer there are lots of empty slots for trainer to work on specially in India.
    American accent is easy to grasp and adopt. Here agents mainly lack in Telesales skills.
    we must REALISE the fact that call center is a challanging industry, main profit is in Telemarketing part. Try to train your agents well(WITH VISIBLE EFFECT)

    James Wilson

    This will tell your bandwidth required:

    Which Codec are you using? That will tell you the compression (Low is 5.3k high maybe 12k)
    What are the max number of concurent calls 96?
    capacity requirement


    thank u very much uppchunk.
    i have received your relpy.
    i am glad that u have help me in this manner.
    so in your mind i have to stick with the telemarketing skills.
    i know three different international languages like french german and spanish.
    would i get any benefit from that skill?
    tell me the frank opinion. i am waiting for your reply.



    Hi Manoj, can you tell me your contact details to have a one to one, need to have a few more clarifications from you or you can mail me on XX

    [Webmaster’s note: Postings where email addresses need to be exchanged are considered commercial, and the person posting is requested to pay a small fee towards our marketing costs. Messages that accepted free of charge on this forum will have contact details removed.]


    Hello kaushal,
    I am affraid to say that german,spanish and french call centers in india are not a good choice.

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