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Reply To: IPLC capacity


lokesh wrote:
Dear Mr. Sanjay,

Thanks for your co-operation.

Following the the kind of setup plan.

– To handle 10000 calls a day of order processing
for UK based customer.
– Already applied for IPLC.
– Plan to setup 72 seat call centre in Ahmedabad.
– Voice & Data facilities only.

Query :

1. How to calculate capacity of IPLC.
2. What type of Muxes should we go for ?

It would be of great help if you reply our query.


Lokesh Patel

For, URL Software Pvt. Ltd.


Reply to your queries :

1. U r saying that u have already applied for the IPLC , as such u must have taken the IPLC of a specific bandwidth!!!!!???????

If u have to handle 10k calls in a day then go for 2Mbps.

2. As far as the MUXES go , u can go for PASSPORT ,IGX or New Bridge.If cost is not a constraint , the best option would be PASSPORT.