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Reply To: Setting up a call center

Simos Symeou


I need someone’s help. I want to set up a call centre in the UK for my company. Before I do this I need to know what’s involved in setting up a call centre and how much it will cost me. I searched all over the internet but can not find information explaining the steps and costs involved in setting up one. Can someone out there help me please?

Here is a list with information to enable you giving me a more specific answer:
a. I want to have 25 people to start with (I will later increase the number of people according to demand)
b. Will I need to have 20 lines or less?
c. Do I need any hardware device to redirect the calls to the appropriate operator?
d. Any software involved?
e. Will I need a server to handle traffic (or anything else) and a PC for each operator to install my software on?

If you know of site that helps with the information I’m looking for, that will do as well.

Thank you in advance for your help.