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Reply To: Recognition Ideas!!!

John Bruce

Hi Lisa,
It is always better to reward your agents so that it motivates them. The logic of rewarding is “Do this to get that”, which motivates the employees on “getting that”. Some of the suggestions for rewarding your agents are
1) Rank/Grade (Top five or Top ten) the Agents depending on the quality of service provided by them.
2) Honor the Agent of the month – nominated by Agents and Supervisors.
3) Select “Agent of the Year” and give him/her cash bonus or increment.
4) Ask each Agent to set “Goals for the month” and reward them if they met their targets.
5) Grand paid time off for the agents, who has no absenteeism or lateness for a certain period of time(Say for example, 6 months).
6) Letters and comments from the customers, which appreciate the Agent’s service, should be posted on the Notice Board and the particular Agents should be rewarded.
7) Select the best conversation of the day and play it during the Lunchtime of the next day.