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Reply To: New Incentive Plan

Stephanie Roth

The basic Incentive plan measures three key elements.

1. Productivity (Calls Per Hour)
2. Quality
3. Individual Attendance

My CSR’s can earn additional money on a monthly basis based on these elements. Using ACD reports, I look at the total number of calls taken by each employee. I then look at the total time staffed (from our time clock) and deduct any available time (from the ACD report) so that the agent is not penalized for low call volumes.

For example, say an agent has 173.33 hours, minus 10.0 hours of available time. They took 2500 calls for the month, so 173.33 – 10.0 = 163.33. 2500/ 163.33 = 15.30 calls per hour. I round up after .50, so the actual average is 15 calls per hour. I then use the following scale.

The employee must average at least 10 calls per hour to be eligible, and will max out at 17 calls per hour.

10 = $45.00
11 = $90.00
12 = $125.00
13 = $175.00
14 = $225.00
15 = $275.00
16 = $325.00
17 = $350.00

I then spot check at least 5 recorded calls per employee. If I find that quality has been compromised in any or all of the calls, any percentage or all of the incentive can be deducted.

If the employee has one attendance occurrence in the month, the incentive is cut in half. If they have two, it is completely removed.

The plan has increased productivity, quality, and attendance and I am very happy with it. Let me know if I can answer any questions and GOOD LUCK!

Stephanie Roth
Call Center Manager, AAA Oregon/Idaho