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New Incentive Plan

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    Stephanie Roth

    Is anyone looking for ideas for an incentive plan in your center? I have some suggestions. I implemented a plan about a year ago and have raised CPH from 9 to 14! I have about 100 agents 24×7 in an inbound call center. It is so successful and would be happy to share. Please email me if intersted.

    Bob Seakar

    Yes, I am keen on any suggestions.

    George S R

    Yes, I am keen to about your success rate and incentive scheme…

    Catherine Schurko

    Yes, I am very interested in hearing more! Please get in touch at

    Stephanie Roth

    The basic Incentive plan measures three key elements.

    1. Productivity (Calls Per Hour)
    2. Quality
    3. Individual Attendance

    My CSR’s can earn additional money on a monthly basis based on these elements. Using ACD reports, I look at the total number of calls taken by each employee. I then look at the total time staffed (from our time clock) and deduct any available time (from the ACD report) so that the agent is not penalized for low call volumes.

    For example, say an agent has 173.33 hours, minus 10.0 hours of available time. They took 2500 calls for the month, so 173.33 – 10.0 = 163.33. 2500/ 163.33 = 15.30 calls per hour. I round up after .50, so the actual average is 15 calls per hour. I then use the following scale.

    The employee must average at least 10 calls per hour to be eligible, and will max out at 17 calls per hour.

    10 = $45.00
    11 = $90.00
    12 = $125.00
    13 = $175.00
    14 = $225.00
    15 = $275.00
    16 = $325.00
    17 = $350.00

    I then spot check at least 5 recorded calls per employee. If I find that quality has been compromised in any or all of the calls, any percentage or all of the incentive can be deducted.

    If the employee has one attendance occurrence in the month, the incentive is cut in half. If they have two, it is completely removed.

    The plan has increased productivity, quality, and attendance and I am very happy with it. Let me know if I can answer any questions and GOOD LUCK!

    Stephanie Roth
    Call Center Manager, AAA Oregon/Idaho


    Just starting out with an inbound call centre in Australia. 6 staff and an average of 300 calls per day. Have been a team leader before but am now involved in actually creating the call centre and managing the staff. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me at

    Many thanks


    I have created similar measures for a 8hr centre with tremendous success! The only difference is the staff was measured on how many hrs on the phone vs. # of calls.

    I am now challenged with creating performance measures for a 24×7 call centre. Help!

    David Wong

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. May also ask how do you go about determining the quality of the call? I am quite sure that there is a form to do that but what are the areas that you are montoring?

    John Seddon

    Incentives always get you less. They engage the operator’s behaviour in getting the incentive, not achieving the purpose.



    Stephanie Roth,
    yr plans sounds good. If u can send us some more info , it will be great . we would love to trry it.

    By the way , when u mention 10 calls = $45, what does it mean, do they get $45 for the calls they make or what.It looks very high. Do they also get a salary besides this ?

    Pl reply to


    Cassandra Ward

    I understand the basic concept. But my company is government based and I may have to try the usual, # of available minutes on the phone. The reps are required to meet 400 minutes on the phone daily, with a 30 minute lunch and 2 15 minute breaks. they currenly have 40 extra minutes for off phone work. I would like to offer some kind of incentive but I dont want the criteria to be if they meet 400 minutes daily they win. I need more structure. I want to monitor the quality of the call and also make the goal large but obtainable.

    Maryanne Henchy

    It’s interesting you’ve raised CPH from 9 to 14 BUT has this improved the service you give to callers? It is more likely that your agents are only working to win the incentive by ‘cheating the system’ which will in the longer term. lower their morale. Callers want their problems solving, not just to be rushed off the phone as quickly as possible so the agent can take the next call in an attempt to win the incentive prize.

    Gareth Rickhuss


    I am replying with regards to your last reply – what Maryanne says may be correct but you have implemented an excellent idea which has worked and put measures in place to see if they are cheating.

    What you need to do now is see if by increasing calls per hour is see if the following have increased:

    * Repeat calls
    * complaints
    * Short calls (less than 10secs)
    * Has quality been compromised
    * Outgoing calls including transfers

    If any of the above has increased I would take measures to reduce their bonuses.

    There are always people who will work the system to get money so be careful



    Are you people aware that the operators are actually human? Treat them like cattle & I’m not surprised the have low moral.

    Take a look around.

    Human Doesnt Matter

    Of course reps are Human, but they are hired to field calls and solve customer issues. What is the contrast? Telling reps:”OK, please answer as many calls as you feel like.”?! Rediculous. When Call Centers stop measuring the Availability of their reps, they stop creating a productive environment. If employees want to be babied and pacified they dont belong in a productive Call Center.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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