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Need Center on Urgent Basis !

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    Attn Call Centers / Brokers!!!
    We need Minimum of 100 – 1000 Sales On Sprint.
    Experienced Call Centers to work on SPRINT Outbound sales.
    Brokers can get upfront on bringing Operative Centers in less than 6 days: Upfront Ranges $300 – $1500.
    Centers who cannot start operation in a week please do not contact in this case.
    We are Nation wide retailer for SPRINT and below are campaign specs:

    1. Payouts from $90 – $180
    2. Fortnightly Payouts.

    Call Center Requirement:

    1. Call centers need to have minimum of 1- 2 years experience in selling Sprint Packages
    2. Monthly sales should be at least 100+ new sales
    3. Call recordings should be provided for every sale and needs to be stored in a FTP site and provide the client with recordings whenever needed.

    This program is available only for call centers that have current or previous experience in selling SPRINT Products.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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