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Call Center, Lead, and Data Questions

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    Michael Johansen

    I’ve been in the call center, direct marketing, and data sales industries for the past 10 years. Recently I’ve noticed a trend that maybe I could get some answers on, a few things actually. The first is that it seems that your small call centers, your 0 to 20 seaters, are virtually non-existent. Is it because you outsource to larger centers or is there a general decline in the smaller organizations?

    Secondly, more and more people in the position to purchase data, whether larger companies or small, are going for the “low-ball”. They will inquire about data in large volume, get quoted out at the corresponding price, then come back with “OK great, we’d like to test 5K for $0.005 per record”. I was under the impression that it is known that data pretty much comes from the same few sources and when it’s all said and done trust, quality, turn around, and customer service are the key factors to a good client-broker relationship. My question is….are lead providers and direct marketing brokers that horrible these days? Does my industry have that bad of a reputation? I am genuinely curious as I am thinking about merging with a direct mail company. Any comments on how to go above and beyond are greatly appreciated.

    Lastly, a lot more clients that normal are asking that data be scrubbed thru the DNC prior to delivery. Now, this is standard as I receive the data from my vendor pre-scrubbed, but isn’t it a fact that most if not all call centers should have the software or the knowledge to run DNC scrubs on their end? Also, I would like info on how I would go about scrubbing my “in-house” and aged database thru the current DNC.

    Thank you!

    Michael Johansen
    319 626 2278 (Direct)
    888 926 2278 (Toll Free)
    319 626 2159 (Fax)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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