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How to get a call center Job

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    Rachna singh

    Everybody hates it and yet want to be there.Yes I am refering to the BPO industry,which has seen a growth rate which probably no other industry has in recent times.
    To do a call center job sounds easy,but still not everyone can make it.Ever wondered why?There can be several reasons I am listing down a few and the most common ones.

    The wrong attitude-its an easy job,just have to make or take calls that anyone can do.Call centers are all fun and little work.

    Lack of softskills-Just speaking good english,wont always work.You need to have good softskills like good interpersonal skills,ready to work in a team,
    politness,time management and the ability to handle stress.

    Mother tongue influence-Your English may be perfect,but may be influenced with lanugage you speak at home or you speak in,often which makes it difficult to understand your speech.Your consonants and vowel sounds are not properly articlulated.

    Rate of speech-It shouldn’t be too high nor too low.

    Lack of understanding of what customer service is -Once you are selected most of the call centers will train you on it but you should have a fair idea of what you are getting into orelse you go with high expectations and then leave the job in a month or so.

    Lack of communication skills-This is a ‘must’ without it please dont try to get a call center job which requires you to verbally interact with the customers there are other options available.

    What can you do about it?
    If possible speak to someone who is already doing a call center job.Now,a thing to watch out here is that if your friend is stuck up in call center that is not well known or is operating on a very small scale,he/she might not be able to give you the right picture.
    If you dont know anybody then surf the net and try to get as much information you can about call centers and particularly about the one you wish to work for.
    As far as the softskills,lanugage,accent and communication skills part is concerned,only training can help but be sure that the trainers are good and experienced dont just go after bignames.

    Going well prepared for the interview will certainly increase you chances of selection.

    hope this will help.

    Rachna singh,V&A/softskills trainer.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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