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Internet Cafe Conversion

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    Bill Morgan

    I have an Internet Cafe in the Philippines with 30 computers. I would like to use it as a call center after daily bussiness hours. Is this possible, does any one have any suggestions?

    Thanks from Bill


    the idea is fine and I myself am from Manila.


    Bill you are setting up a call center its an office not a shop, If you know what I mean. Either make it a call center or cyber cafe….due to lot of reasons. This is very unprofessional

    Bill Morgan

    Please be specific. I invite new ideas.

    The Concept for running a call center at night is alot like the airline industry, if the planes are not in the air, they are not making money.

    The alternative plan was to divide the computers up and into two different areas and make a call center with 15 workstations



    I am currently in the Philippines trying to accomplish the same goals. I have an internet cafe with 12 computers and want to convert it to a call center a night. My questions are what the legalities are.



    I am a franchisee of a well known internet cafe chain in Manila and I also have the same number of computers (30). I am looking at the same concept. Perhaps we can exhange notes or ideas.


    The workstations themselves don’t take a lot of adjustment. Whatever that entails is quickly accomplished. The important elements you are missing are talent, technology and a customer.

    With VOIP, you can find a cost-effective technology solution. There are asterisk-based solutions specifically for the emerging Contact Center.

    Before investing the money in technology, hiring and training agents, acquiring management and technical talent, you MUST get the client. There are many small struggling Contact Centers out there to compete with. If you want to rent out your space to an existing Contact Center, that is probably the better business model as you receive income for underutilized resources and the existing Contact Center has a lower Cost Structure.

    Good luck! I am willing to discuss further via email if you desire.


    I have an internet cafe with 16 personal computers, I would like to make it a call center during night time. Can you suggest how can I possibly make it? or the processes I have to undergo.

    Vipin K

    I too had an internet cafe’ but when i wanted to open Call Centre i all together opted for another setup and let the cafe alone.Reasons:-
    1)Computers and setup are just small part of Call centre.
    2)Good calling agents and staff are the 70% important part in call centre.
    3) One cannot retain good agents for long or get those with internet cafe setup since working environment is important to good quality staff.Attrition is high in this industry.
    4)If you want to expirement with 10 seats its ok with internet cafe for month or so to get first hand experience but with dedicated call centre looking on long term basis a Dedicated setup is important having a seperate calling area, teaching space , and seperate office for HR work.
    See one can if one wants to push it open a call centre in cafe but real profit making call centre’s need dedicated infrastructure with quality staff who needs good environment.Dont waste money just because one has pc and a surfing setup.

    john vincent

    I have 13 computers here in my internet cafe. i’m looking on the possibilities converting this into a call center. I am just now looking for some help on finding the right client for this so we can start the plan immediately. can anyone help me on this? my shop is located here in san pablo city, laguna.


    I would like some help on setting up an internet cafe at the lowest cost possible somewhere in Manila or Davao. Anyone that can give me valuable input will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    Anil V. Mathew

    I have an internet cafe in India. I would like to use of a Call Centre business. Is it Possible

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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