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IS VOIP legal in Pakistan ?

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    Hi Guys,
    I want to get DSL in Karachi
    and would like to know if it is ok to use VOIP phones like VONAGE.
    Somebody told me that ISP in Pakistan
    blocks the UDP ports in router,is it true?

    Please let me know.


    Sam you can use VOIP phones like Vonage in Pakistan successfuly. Many ISP’s are providing DSL connections and you can use Vonage phone even with an internet cable connection with minimum bandwith of 100 K.

    The Raq


    VOIP is not legal in Pakistan, you can use your Vonage phone but you can not do commercial business of VOIP.

    I was working in an ISP before and I know how ppl works…. you know what i mean.


    Please do not be misled. VOIP is absolutely legal in Pakistan. Pakistan is now emerging as most suitable destination for outsourcing call center business obviously due to unlimited advantages accruing to foreign enterprise.

    shahid abbas

    Hi Guys
    I am in Australia Wanted to know if there is any V OIP company to call pakistan I tried ENGIN but it failed Does VONAGE work in Australia as well I know it works for Canada & US


    VoIP was totally illegal in Pakistan some 4-5 years back.
    VoIP is still illegal with the exception of Call centers.

    Apparently Sam is looking for setting up a line at home, and if that is the case then thats illegal.


    Shahid. Calling Australia from Pakistan is not a big deal any more. There are many DID companies now offering incoming calls from Pakistan to Austrlia. The same companies are offering out bound calls from Australia to Pakistan. Vonage works for Australia but not for free. They have free outgoing and incoming VOIP telephone service to USA, Canad, UK, Spain, Italy, Ireland and France but for Australia is not free. You can check up their rates by visiting their website.


    hi guys, i want know to the lowest rate available to pakistan from internet.I am currently living in norway. Please do contact me if anyone knows any services.. thanx


    Waqas! There are many companies offering unlimited incoming calls from Pakistan to Norway. What happens is that on signing up, you will give 2 telephone numbers of any major cities of Pakistan. System will be activated on those 2 numbers and you will start receiving calls from those 2 Pakistan telephone numbers on your land line phone number in Norway. It is an unlimited package at $ 34.99 per month and one time activation fee of $ 20. Remember this service is not for making calls from Norway to Pakistan. Internet is not required for this. e-mail me if interested.


    Am using Vonage for UK, but now its not working since last 4 months, Do you have any idea to what to do. My job is at risk

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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