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Customers asking for Supervisor

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    I need help! Thank you very much in advance. Could you guys please
    tell me how to handle calls so that customers will rarely ask to speak to a supervisor instead of me. Thank you!! I appreciate all help thanks!


    Well the best way to handle this type of calls is to be very assertive and to know the information.
    Once you give the customer his solution he will forget about the supervisor and will systematically ask about you.
    hope this helps

    aamer sharif

    Listen, listen and listen-let the customer vent, show emphaty, and use transtional phrases. Let the customer know that you are there to help them, provide all the information and above all follow up in a timely manner….

    V.J.Bhasker ( CCT Trainer)

    Two main reasons for customers to ask for a supervisor: a) Customer doesn’t believe and thinks that supervisor will take OWNERSHIP. (b)Agent made customer to repeat his query more than once.
    To avoid escalation: Be assertive, show empathy, listen and explain, take ownership, build trust by giving your name and Ext No. and promise for a follow up. Use these: · I personally apologise for this and will get it sorted out straight away OR I can’t apologise enough for this mistake. I will take care of this problem personally

    Ops Boy

    Always have a HEART

    H.ear what the client is saying
    E.mphatize to what he is feeling
    A.pologize for the incovenience
    R.esolve the issue
    T.hank the client for giving out the concern

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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