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HELP me !

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    Trisha Singh

    Hi Everybody!

    We are a small company based in India providing web development & maintenence services to our overseas clients. We are interested in starting a call centre having not more than 10 seats, here in Lucknow, India. Can anyone furnish us details like – infrastructure, training, finance required for this? Also can anyone suggest us, as a startup company what should be taken – outbound calls only / web based suport etc. What support or services you/your comapany can provide? Where & how we can get clients from? How much & how we need to pay you?

    Please provide us the details as soon as possible.

    Trisha Singh

    Lokesh Kumar

    Its being a good decision to start a Call Center.But why you are interested in opening in Lucknow.I think you will not get enough English speaking professionals over there.If you take outsiders than the attrition rate will be higher.
    Well one option I can Suggest you is to go Dubai and open a Call center.I am not joking…
    Witing for your reply
    Er. Lokesh Kumar

    Hi Trisha Singh.


    I would suggest, that instead of moving toDubai or setting up the call center in India, the most viable & profitable location is Pakistan, as these days both countries are working out together in different areas of business sectors, this would be extremly beneficial for you in every respect.

    If you have any more questions to ask, feel free to ask.


    Aezad Ahmad


    Hi Trisha,

    You have taken a wonderful decision in terms of Location selection of CC. With due respect to all neither lokesh nor ahmad are actually aware of HR scenario’s in India specially in Delhi.More than 30% of Call center Executives and middle management are fromCities like LKO and Allahbad and Benaras.You have an advantage in LKo of having less Payroll overhead than others in NCR or mumbai.
    Infact today only i spoke to one person from LKo who has opened up his CC there Bharti_infosolutions in viram khand gomti nagar.You can very well contact him.

    I would suggest you open up a small setup of 10seats catering to Outbound voice.Run it successfully for half a year or so and then think abt expanding.Try to focus on not more than one vertical and always try getting your own clientbase and not from any outsourcers.If you have any problems try working with some extablished outsourcers who has never defaulted in payments(not many 😉 }.

    I wish you all the luck.
    By the way whts ur company’s name?



    What is a total investment requirement to start an independent call center in gujarat ?

    If anyone can provide me this information, it will help me make my decisions faster.



    Vijay Gandhi

    Hello Trisha/Milind,
    Here are the basic requirement to open up a call center, this is all you need in terms of technology with a predictive dialer, mostly

    The basic requirement would be as follows:
    1) Server ( Should be Xeon Based Processor)
    2) Networked Client PC’s with server
    3) Bandwidth
    4) Suitable infrastructure
    5) VOIP gateway (with no. of ports same as that of agents)
    6) Voice and Data network.
    7) Headsets with Dialpad or phones as per your requirement.
    8) DialEdge (The Predictive Dialer) software

    On an average you need to take into budget an amount of Rs 60000/- per seat which will cover your infra cost with one month recurring, please let me know if any other info is required

    Birol Miles

    I would like to open a Call center in Bangladesh. Would you please advice me what will be approximate cost of total invesment to set up a 20 seat call center? Also what is the cost of the software?
    Thank you.


    Hello Birol,
    As you are saying you want to open up a call center in Bangladesh, the approximate cost for opening up a 24 seater call center in bangladesh would be around 32000$, the cost of S/w would be around 500$ per seat (one time cost), let me know if any further assistance is required.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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