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No Practical efforts to promote!!!

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    Qaisar Hayat

    i all,

    It seems no one in Call Center industry work to promote our Countray man. Where as Indian people abroad are pulling there people in this industray to help there country comman man for better standard of life.

    I suggest its moral duty of those who is in this field to sincerly gave support and try to provide jobs to educated people living in other cities of Pakistan for our comman cause to reduce un-employment.


    Mr Hayat,

    I hear what your are sayin’. However, I think most of the call centers that have emerged in the last two years have provided employment to over 8000 people all over pakistan, which I believe is low compared to the 300,000 in India, but atleast its a start.

    Currently majority of the centers are hiring, so I’m not sure what you are suggesting. I suggest those interested check the sunday Dawn or The News.

    India is pulling people in this industry like crazy, because they have so much work at hand that they are unable to handle it. We on the contrary are in process of doing that, provided our typical seths and investors diversify out of the textile, FMCGs, and real estate market mentality and start investing in emerging markets such as call centers/ITES.

    Inshallaah we’ll get there soon.

    Dear Fellow,

    My concern is that ventures in Small cities should be established to utilize skilled manpower in this induestray apart from only in lahore/khi/Islabad. Soo those who are Call Centers business build up or Franshise local parties to setup centers who work for them to have joint effort to combat India in this field


    Outsourcing happens with lots of factors taken into account. Example: Manpower strength, Cost factor, Quality service, Domain expertise, Excellent Infrastructure etc.. If India / South East Asia is chosen as a destination, it is because of the facility and expertise that the ITES industry has in these countries. Pakistan must improve, openup this segment.


    Ha Ha Ha , Guys first try and improve your grammar skills look at at mistakes you all have made in your postings, and you talk about to combat INDIA in this industry. India was India is and India will be far ahead of P…….


    Dear Mr. Sam,

    We on this forum were having a positive and constructive discussion about efforts that have and should be made to promote the industry, until you came along.

    Now I believe you are an English Teacher and didn’t like the way we communicate. I can pinpoint atleast 5 grammatical mistakes in your short comment.e.g “Small cities” why is S capital, why you have “at” twice, “talk about to combat” is a wrong phrase should be “talk about combating”. Finally, you omitted commas at various places and so on.

    So lets not act like a 10 year old and have a constructive argument minus politics and religion.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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