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List of Pakistani Offshore Call Centers

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    Dear All,

    I’m an American return Pakistani and had been analyzing the international call center industry in Pakistan since last year. I’m fully convinced that this is the wave of the future .

    I’d been building up my personal list through my research and come across various people on the net asking the same question over and over again. How many call centers are there in PAKISTAN?

    Therefore, I’d like to take this initiative and share this information with everyone, as I know to the best of my knowledge. I would like all viewers to add, modify, and complete it so everyone can benefit.

    Those who think I’m wrong please feel free to correct me.

    LIST OF INT’L CALL CENTERS IN PAKISTAN (Dated August 24, 2004):

    FUNCTIONAL (To my knowledge)
    1. TRG (Lhr)
    2. Touchstone BPO (Isl)
    3. Call Central (Isl)
    4. Ovex Technologies (Isl)
    5. Voxel Net Communications (Isl)
    6. Hello Technologies (Isl)
    7. Cyber House (Rwp)
    8. GoNet (Khi)
    9. Alt-Source Exchange (Khi)
    10. Kontact Remote Services (Khi)

    OTHERS (That are or about to emerge)
    11. Apvision (Khi)
    12. Multi Tech Call Center (Khi)
    13. Linc Communications (Isl)
    14. Axact (Khi)
    15. Regtel
    16. Electronic Universe Inc.
    17. Nexlogic (Khi)
    18. Connect (Khi)
    19. Irina Interactive (Lhr)
    20. Multicom Call Center (Isl)

    Shahzad Nasir

    Hi Eddie,
    i m been involvein call center industry since last two years worked with leading call centers in Pakistan.
    i m planning to start call center and looking for client.
    Call center industry will have mushroom growth in Pakistan but few important step should be taken by Govt to incourage this industry.
    i did setup for Hello Tech in Islamabad,worked with Touchstone communications and earlier then i worked in US credit market.
    hoping to hear from u soon.

    Best regards,

    Shahzad Nasir


    Mr Nasir,

    I’m not sure if I get your question right. If you are looking for a team, then I maybe able to join your call center with my experience in operations, HR, Training. If you are looking for clients for an international call center then you need to hire a broker in the U.S., do some marketing and networking overseas, or maybe go acquire a call center there, like TRG does.

    Anyways, here are a few more to the list as I found. Not too sure how operational they are.

    21. PakCyber (Rwp)
    22. 247 Dial (Lhr)
    23. 5C Alliance Pakistan (Khi)
    24. Uffaq Technologies (Khi)
    25. Hauka (Khi)
    26. WW Resources Private Ltd
    27. Cstelltd (Crescent Group)
    28. Transdata Pakistan (Lhr)




    iam so excited to se people commints on call center on this forum thanx all too sharing the knoledge u people have .


    well you dont need to do all this ,just visit PSEB site ,and they provide each and every call center name and specification
    with regards

    hassan hayat

    well this is simply effective and will ensure a guaranteed success.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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