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what a call center can do?

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    hi all,
    is it the call center like establishing a multinational industry’s center in a country or a call center for customer services?



    Call Center: is a remote location of a non face-to-face operation (telemarketing) that provides customer support and/or sells to customers through incoming and outgoing phone calls and a variety of other media (fax, web, e-mail, IVR) e.g.: help desks, information lines, and reservations centers.

    Operated By: The center can be in-house (self-operated) or outsourced locally or off-shore, what really matters is the quality of service provided and the way a customer gets treated.

    Captive: Third party center that a company acquires and self-operates providing outsourced service; ownership remains with the client company offering the greatest savings and control e.g. GE’s 18,000 employee center in India

    Third Party: Centers set up and operated by neutral parties who excel in the outsourced service area and serves various clients of varying needs, reducing risk, time and cost to set-up and operate a center.

    Outsourcing JVs: These are centers that either could be a joint venture between the client and the third party or an arrangement called BOT or BOM, where a third party builds and operates with the option to Transfer to client or have the third party Manage it for the client.

    International : An international call center is an offshore center that caters to foreign customers of a foreign client e.g. American customers of Citibank New York calling the bank’s customer service number and the call being routed to an international call center (inbound) such as TRG in Pakistan.

    Local: A local call center is a domestic one, that is based in the country of client and is native to the customers e.g. American customers of Citibank New York calling the bank’s customer service number and the call being answered by a center in the U.S.

    Phew… That was simple


    Hi , Eddie
    Thanks for taking the time to post an informative note. I have a couple of more questions to ask and would be grateful to hear from you. Other than Citibank , who else is using CC’s in Pakistan? Also what is the time it would take a US customer to connect to TRG in Pakistan and also is not cheaper for US customers to call NY ? What is the call charge to call Pakistan vs calling NY? Last but not least how does TRG bill Citibank for the work it does ? Is it by call recieved or by flat down payment ?

    Aezad Ahmad

    Hi Michael,

    What do you want a feasibility report for CC’s establishment & operations in Pakistan or are you just curious?

    Good Luck & Regards,

    Aezad Ahmad

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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