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I’m back on the phones and need help.

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    T. Evans

    Hi. I’ve run the gauntlet in telesales, Starting out on the phones I went through being a trainer to supervisor to QA. Now, I’ve moved to a new area and my new job has placed me back on the phones. My problem is that I was taken off of the phones before because I am a better motivator than a sales rep. In the two weeks I’ve been back on the phones I have caught myself sounding like a jabbering monkey on speed and cannot figure out any concentration techniques to slow myself down. I’m afraid that if my trend keeps up my current supervisors will get tired of giving me constructive criticisms and pep talks and start giving me a pink slip. Anyone have an idea how to slow me down?

    att: t. evans

    breathe…brotha…breathe…just relax…u know what u gotta do…u are facing what sales people call the initial pre-sales jitters….shake em off by concentrating on listening and saying the right thing than just trying to get the message across…try some breathing exercises they work…

    Abdul Qadir
    Guest me a call center agent.I would recommend you, to relax, and set up your mind, that you have been placed on the phones for a good reason. They might be testing you out. So think positive. If you’re a supervisor,QA, thats good, that means the company can expect a lot from you. So cheer up. And yes, do exercise daily, so that pumping heart beat, would get into a rhythm, for you to speaking loudly on the phones. As english is a second language for you. Do think before you speak. And do listen to the customer. When he speaks..just shut up..Relax..give a one line rebuttal and move on..The basic problem you’re facing is lack of confidence.But dont worry,with 4-5 days of continuous pitching. You will get used to it.. And ya, speak slowly, so that your heart beat, doesnt pump fastly.. So cheer up.. man..The company needs you..


    Smoke one man, chill, they will be able to notice our talent and cone to you, instead you are setting your self up for a new job without the pay. back up what you know by what you do.


    I am a speech pathologist and I can help! There are proven techniques that can help. E-mail me.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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