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Is Ann Cook Standard for Amer. Accent??

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    Tara Piantoni

    Is Ann Cook the standard method used for teaching American Accent for Call Centers in Mumbai? If not, any other suggestions.
    PS: I am still looking for free materials to leave behind at my Chembur NGO on American Accent Training.

    Vikram Badhwar

    Hi Tara,
    Even though American Accent Training by Ann Cook is a very detailed book on the American English Sound, it may only be a quick fix for the Indian tongue because of vernacular influences. Speak Easy by Arjun Raina and Ashim Ghosh ( Full circle publication) provides an interesting insight into Standard English and thereon into American English Sounds.
    Vikram Badhwar

    sharad malik

    Dear All….allthough I have not heard of Ann Cook and the expertise of the same in Voice and Accent …I must state that I have gone through the accent training by Arjun Raina and Ashim Ghosh and it would only be fair to term it as extra-ordinary and very..very..effective..please do grab a copy of there book if ur even remotely interested in improving your voice…and developing your “speech faculties”.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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