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Survey – IIM Ahmedabad

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    Jasdeep Singh

    We are students at IIM Ahmedabad and are doing a survey on the causes and consequences of burnout in call centers. We would appreciate if anybody can take out some time to fill up a form on employee satisfaction in call centers. The form can be filled up by contact center professionals, HR managers at contact centers or people who had worked in the call center industry but have left it now.

    We will be sending the final report on the survey to all people who volunteer to fill up the form. The report will analyze the call center industry of India and should give you a benchmark on where your organization stands. It will also give the best practices that are used to combat attrition.

    Please send an email to so that we can send you the form through email.

    Jasdeep Singh
    PGP 1, IIM Ahmedabad

    Kam Patel

    Hi Jasdeep Singh:

    As you know the burn out is the term used for getting bored and having resultant stress while doing what people do not enjoy doing it.

    The point I am trying to bring to you is that if the call center agents have joined the call centers as a alternative of other employment possibilities, they will not enjoy it, if they are not taking it as a part and process of their growth factor with enough pleasure in it.

    So most of the answers that you will get will be just wavering around that and also on the point that they do not get enough salary etc, and their working in environments where the projects that are taken up are not properly explained to the team and their expecting more than expected results in a very limited period of time.

    The best way of observing the process ( rather than getting half wrong answers in the forms that you are expecting) is to visit the three big centers in Ahmedabad and find out the answers live from 10 calling agenns and you will be through.

    This is based on the observations we make sitting in USA as most of the centers try to economize so badly that the calling agents really become scapegoats of reasons for failure.

    In fact these parameters should be taken up as an example by your Institute to foster the right growth in states like Gujarat, MP, Rajasthan, Punjab etc and Goa etc, where this industry has not proliferated much.

    No odd feelings about anyone, just opining our observations.

    Kam Patel

    Arashdeep Khurana

    I agree with our dear Mr. patel…u shud have tried a focus group study rather than the all out survey..u dhakkan…the causes are fairly simple and the consequences can best be deduced by talking to these people live…nobody’s going to write in a form “my faith in human goodness and civility has decresed ever since i took up this job”

    Lovingly Yours

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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