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I want to start a small UK Call centre

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    Martin Hellier


    Im already involved in marketing, and have just been to look at new offices that would in fact make a great small call centre.

    I beleive the two would go hand in hand as both are relevant to each other. The problem is I just dont know where to start.

    My biggest fear I guess is how to get into some good contracts.

    I want to offer a good cheap rate, and would prefer in-bound to outbound calls.

    Im willing to negotiate equity stakes on the business if anyone can help provide the contracts.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks

    Solitar SignCalls

    You may get in touch with us. We are based in UK and have call centers in UK, USA and India. You will find us in the forum
    Vishal Jhamb

    Ajay Mehta

    Hi Martin,
    Why dont you try your luck by looking partners from other countries who has excellent call centers infrastructures and also who can give you best rates .. I know some guys who can help you in complete backend handling and also provide you some leads to market the biz in UK


    Dear Martin,
    AS you told that you are involved in marketing i thing that you have noting to fear about good contracts,anyway if u want to start a call callcenter i like to tell you that if u start in india as you know India is cheap.if ur intersted i can give you in-bound & out-bound campaings.

    Best Regards

    Cid Almeida

    Someone asked about cheap call recording.

    If you need to record your telephone calls but the expense is putting you off, have a look at the CopyCall Recorder. It really does the job and costs a mere £39.95 per unit. We have been using these for months now and are really reliable.


    Dear Sam,

    i have call center in Pakistan UK base and i got 15 agents in it.. but i am running short of compaings. what i need exacly a middle man to work in UK for getting some projects inbound or outbound.


    Ian McMillan

    On the subject of CopyCall.

    Yes we started using CopyCall After wasting a fortune on other recorders. Cheap reliable, cristal clear. What more can I say.

    I Highly Recomend it

    I MAC


    We can offer you excellent used call centre equipment, save your capital!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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