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intern needs some info please!!

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    Hello call center community,

    My name is Leif and I’m doing an internship concerning Call Center Marketing. I am having a very difficult time coming across information concerning the call center market. Especially since I have no research budget. If you wouldn’t mind, perhaps you could help me answer the following questions or lead me to a good resource to find the information, I believe at this point I’ve stripped google of any good use.

    1. Are there parts of the genereal cc market that are underserved, emerging, or weakly defended?

    2. What markets would utilize the same types of tools and technologies as the traditional call center market?

    3.what is the current amount spent of IT budget spent on call centers?

    4.Has there ever been a call center audit? Was it done internally or externally? If not, why not?

    5.What are the services that must be offered to maintain current levels of service?

    thanks for helping out, Leif

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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