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How to set up a call-center

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    I work for an life insurance company. And we hope to set up a call-center to service our customers.Would anyone kindly tell me how to budget the project? How to estimate the cost of operating a call-center? And what i should do in starting this project?
    Besides,whether there are some websites from which i can get some free information?

    Mike McLenehan


    I represent a company providing digital recording and third party verification services.

    There are a number of costs to consider when setting up a call center.

    1. Facilities – do you have an office for agents to work or do you need to find one.

    2. Equipment – auto dialer or manual dialer, computers, headsets,
    amps, monitoring equipment, recording equipment, stationary, desks, chairs, toilet paper, the works etc.

    3. Lists – do you have lists of potential customers, or will you be purchasing.

    4. Staff – how much are you paying, hiring costs, training costs etc.

    I’m sure finding a place to work should be easy.

    I found that a goldmine for equipment (believe it or not) is eBay.

    List brokers are all over, and are easy to find over the web.

    Staffing can be easy and tough depending on how good your HR team is.

    I think the most important thing is to start smaller than you want and grow. There’s no point in buying everything all at once and having it sit idle for 6 months while you get organized. Set up a plan of action, where you want to be at what time, and work along it.

    I helped build a callcentre from 4 seats to 74 seats using capital generated from our growing sales force in six months just by being organized with my efforts.

    Best regards,

    Mike McLenehan

    Kam Patel

    Hi Mike :

    Your experience and guidance really seems to be worth learning by any new call center, since we keep on interacting with quite a few new up coming centers since we provide work to them for tele-marketing, we shall be pleased to get in touch with you, talk and have some first hand knowledge about how you did that, we shall appreciate if you can e mail us on and we shall get in touch with you to learn your experiences.

    Kam Patel


    Hi mike
    I agree with you to start with a small staff and increase ur staff with the growing sales. I am moving to USA in few months and had talk to few of my friends to open a call center in USA . How can i start this whole show while living in the US and the office operating in pakistan.Thanks.



    I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean by the office operating in Pakistan.

    Are your friends in N.A. or overseas?

    Without an idea of your budget or product I don’t know what to tell you.

    I will do my best to help from there.

    Nelago Isak

    Hi Mike,

    I have read about call centres and their potentials. It looks like an interesting industry, and i am seriously thinking of setting up one in Namibia. Can you help me point me in the right direction? First, who should I approach to be my clients, what kind of technology is needed, what kind of a budget is needed for a small start-up and which international companies might be interested in such a service?

    arun thavasi


    I am really interested in how the call centre working.I mean in technical that is how they are designing the network with the traffic mgt.Think u will be havin an idea.I am studyin masters in melbourne.if u say some basic stuffs,it would very helpful for me.
    waiting for reply.



    Set up a Call Center has many perspectives, First you have to know your potential market, Inbound or Outbound projects, Customer Service, Sales (TMK), Technical Support, Complains , Billing ops, etc. Because the kind of market you want to target define the invesment you need to do it. You can start with a PC-CTI which is a complete set up tool for your Telephony needs, but has limitations, let say for large project or big companies, probably they won´t accept this tool and they will need the typical PBX structure. And your budget will be very different in each scenario. I´m looking your point of views and Did you explore the huge hispanic market operated from outside of US, Mexico or South America It is a good options, because you have low operational costs and all the access to the technology.

    I hope my comments works for you.

    Best Regards

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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