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Outsourcing in India

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    Is there a company that acts as an independant consultancy for UK companies looking to outsource call centre and back office opportunities overseas?

    ashutosh joshi

    hi andrew iam looking for a opportunity to jump to open a call center. i have financers ready to back me up anytime. and to learn how call center works i myself worked with one of the best in india so as to get to know the industry in and out. i right now have a facility where we condust desktop publishing for PRO firms & small time movie makers.
    i am totaly looking into setting up a call center in bombay. i have my own 2500 sq.ft. of place empty to start with if needed i can rope in big boys with huge infrastructure.
    reply as soon as possible.
    thanks & regards.
    ashutosh joshi

    Amit Naagar

    Hi Andrew,
    Do u mean that u need a rep. in India if so there are several consultants (including self) who can represent you in India.

    Kishor Joshi

    Hi Just browsing on the net. Came across your notes. I can put you in touch with a senior Chairman in the UK who has run call centers and Paul who is upgrading one at this very time in India. Yes you can speak to both on back office operations as well Suggest you contact him and he can ACTUALLY demonstrate one working in real live mode from the UK, India and USA all conferenced in at the same time with a quality of voice which needs to be heard to be beleived.

    Pulkit Gupta


    We are already operational in India and servicing our US Clients with a working capacity of 335 seats. We can expand to additional 500 seats withing a months time. I certainly see a posibility here and would be more then happy to discuss further.



    Dear Mr.Andrew,

    We are an indian software company offering consultancy for UK companies and would be glad to address your need.

    Please publish a commercial message. (E-mail ID), to initiate correspondence.

    with regards


    Hi Andrew

    I work with helping European and US based enitities idetfiy and set up relationships in India for IT or Business Procesess including Back Office and Call Centers

    I offer to conduct decison support feasibilties on multiple factors as also identification and due diligence on vendors

    Kindly advise your interest

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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